Thursday, 28 April 2011

80s icon Anthony "overwhelmed" with green-lit horror

Ah, Lysette Anthony. Always a bit of a fave as far as I'm concerned, despite a singular lack of appearance in anything of much note, BHF-wise. You may remember her from 80s sitcom 3 Up 2 Down, when she shone next to what I can only describe as a woefully miscast "husband". (She - gorgeous, him - not so). And when I say "shone" I mean in a luminous beauty way, as to be honest, there wasn't a huge amount of acting or comic timing going on anywhere on screen. But I digress. And to digress just a tad further, if that's a recent photo of the now 47 years old Ms Anthony, then well done, genes.
Aaaanyhoo, Ms Anthony is now diversifying, and courtesy of British Horror Films fave Jonathan Sothcott, is about to start work on a horror film on t'other side of the camera.
Details below. And how many films does that mean Black & Blue films are working on this year? A regular little Amicus they're turning into...

Leading UK indie Black & Blue Films has teamed up with actress Lysette Anthony to produce supernatural thriller WHISPER, the first picture from her new company PerfectFeatures.
WHISPER, which goes into production in September 2011 on locations in the UK, explores the nature of grief and the terrifying consequences of experimenting with Electronic Voice Phenomena to talk to the dead.
It will be helmed by Terence Gross, the award-winning director of Hotel Splendide. The cast will be announced shortly.
Jonathan Sothcott, Black & Blue’s MD said today: "We are delighted to be partnering with Lysette and her business partner Rachel Chatterjee for Whisper. They have identified and secured a genuinely excellent project that we are looking forward to bringing to the screen and we're thrilled that they chose Black and Blue to help them with their feature debut. Lysette has been one of my favourite actresses for a long time and I'm especially thrilled that she's going to be working with us."
Lysette Anthony added: “To be honest Rachel and I are a little overwhelmed. To have Black & Blue green-light us with the ink barely dry on our latest ‘Whisper’ draft is, well, the stuff of movies. We’re honoured to be making our first film with them.”

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