Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Bear Scary - new stuff

Bit short of time, but here's some info from Dan Brownlie, producer of some excellent small films:

This one is called 'Something under the bed is drooling'. I paired up the same mother and son from Bear Scary so it's almost like weird thing just happen to this family, and was actually shot in the same place and even used some of the same props.

The reason why it looks different is because the place got completly refurbished after we stopped shooting Bear Scary.


This one is an advert for a cereal box that's featured in a couple of my films. The box was originally created for another film and the advert was the punch line, but it over shadowed the film so much we left it as it is.
Though it does appear on the end of Don't Know Jack on the gorezone movie massacre dvd out next month.


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