Thursday, 5 March 2009

BHF allumni get "Shrieking Sixties" publishing deal

Blimey, it's all about books this week, isn't it?
Thought I ought to mention that Darrell Buxton, that prince among men and all-round good egg, has been pulling together reviews of 60s BHFs from contributors to the site's message board, and he's only managed to get a publishing deal! Yes, there may even be some reviews by my good self in there, which would be nice (previously I've only managed a few passing comments in that "Vault Of Horror" book, or whatever it was called).
Called "The Shrieking 60s", it'll be a companion piece to FAB Press's rather good (but now quite old) book about the 70s, "10 Years Of Terror" (although not affiliated in any way with that tome). Good news, eh?

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mossmottle said...

Can't wait! I love that pic. Is that the basis for the cover image?