Monday, 18 August 2008

Webkam teaser pics released

Webkam guy James has sent me some teaser pics of his forthcoming Brummie torture epic, which sounds (and looks) like a right bundle of laughs.

He says:

I have decided to release a couple of teaser pics of our film WEBKAM which is going into the edit this month, and will be available Christmas 2008.

The lead is Eleanor James, second lead is Joanne Gale, and Kim Sonderholm is male lead, the film has been shot entirely in England. The directors name is James Layton.

The film is a story of two lifelong friends, one of which is tested to breaking point when the other is kidnapped and tortured. Do YOU have what it takes to save your best friend from certain death?

1 comment:

stangerlore said...

I am not to sure about torture horror but the imagary certainly looks freakish.

If it is well made and not just cutty-cutty splurt-splurt it could be worth a view.