Monday, 21 July 2008

New Hammer doc DVD

Heyup. It's been a while, but there's been sod all happening in the world of Brit horror recently. Well, not that I'm aware of, anyway. Come on you people, send me your stories and drag me away from this bloody Wii.
Anyway, enough of my dancing around the living room with an invisible tennis racquet shenanigans. Rupert Griffiths has been in touch to let me know about his new DVD, which has been lovingly crafted by his good self and features 96 minutes of stuff about everyone's favourite film studio named after a household implement.
It's been endorsed by Hammer illuminatiiationers Jimmy "The Sang" Sangster, Brian "The Clem" Clemens and John "The Houghmeister Generalissimo Count Von Stromberg The Second" Hough, who weirdly all said exactly the same thing, meaning that Rupert could save space on his poster by only quoting them once. But enough of my fatuous remarks (and enough of the "enoughs"). This looks like the bees knees Hammer-wise, so why not buy it? This isn't an endorsement by the way, as I've not seen it. But I can't imagine that Brian Clemens, the man who invented The Professionals, is one to put his name to something he didn't rate.

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