Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Fame at last!

So, I've chalked up my first appearance on a DVD cover! What a shame it's this... erm... "interesting" little offering from 1978.
Killer's Moon is a film everyone should see at least once, if not for the right reasons. And I'm sure I wrote funnier and pithier stuff in the review, which you can see here
Still, a DVD box, eh? How chuffed am I?
By the way, the film is possibly coming out in June this year. Previously it has only been available on pre-cert video, and will never, I promise you, appear on the telly.


Gregor said...


I didn't notice that you gave star ratings in your reviews. They couldn't be telling porkies could they?

mocata said...

you're not doing it right-it should contain the words 'rollercoaster' and 'brilliant', but I suppose it's not bad for a first attempt. Have they contacted you for the Dark Knight cover yet?


Anonymous said...

Gregor's correct. Where did they dream up the 'five stars' from?